Photographing motherhood is so special. It is such a rewarding job and I love getting to document real life moments in families homes. Working with Alex, Chad, baby Wells and their sweet labradoodle Bleecker, was such an honor. What made this session even more special was that it was Alex and Chad’s 5 year anniversary. They even broke out a bottle of champagne for the very special occasion. I love that they chose this day to document their lives as a family of 3, well actually 4, because our pet’s are a part of the family too!  Alex and Chad were incredibly sweet together, and so peaceful to capture. Their home and their manner was all so serene and lovely, even with Bleecker’s help. Bleecker is Alex and Chad’s first baby and helped them welcome baby Wells. He already is a such a wonderful companion to baby Wells and even made an appearance in their family photos. I had an amazing experience documenting such a beautiful family in the most perfect atmosphere to welcome a baby in.  Here are some of the cutest photos form their home session.