To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, we decided we would go back to New York!  We had been once before for our first anniversary, but we loved it so much we just had to go back. We said this time it would be more of a laid back trip, but somehow we ended up with a complete schedule of things to do. The trees had just started to turn into the prettiest fall colors and I was in heaven! I did bring my camera but I also used  my iPhone for a lot of pictures. As a photographer, it’s hard not to take pictures of everything, so I had to make sure I didn’t turn our getaway into a work trip.  We had planned on getting bikes to ride so we could cycle all of central park, but that didn’t quite work out. Turns out, I have no idea how to ride normal bikes that have handle brakes. Shocking I know! I grew up riding bikes where you back peddle to brake. I gave it a try, but I was so terrified of being thrown off the bike, we decided to just walk. Because we had already walked for a few days, by the time we got to the bow bridge in Central Park, we couldn’t feel our feet anymore. But we didn’t let achy feet keep us from all of the things we had planned. We had such an amazing trip. Some of our favorite memories from the trip are ice skating in central park, trying lots of yummy food at the winter village, sipping on frozen hot chocolate in Serendipity, walking through central park, getting dressed up for dinner and the list goes on. Every day was a memorable one!  Here are just a few  out of the hundreds of photos I took. 2016-12-08_0023 2016-12-08_0004 2016-12-08_0022The Top of the Rock is always worth visiting while in New York. We could have spent hours up there2016-12-08_0021 2016-12-08_0026 2016-12-08_0025The West Village is so Beautiful! We stopped at 66 Perry Street so I could see the famous Carrie Bradshaw apartment. We went early in the morning and there were already tons of people taking pictures here. 2016-12-08_0001Hello, I live here, or at least pretending too. 2016-12-08_0010After taking pictures of all the pretty west village apartments, I turned around to find andy on the other side of the street.  This is what being married to a photographer looks like. haha
2016-12-08_0011 2016-12-08_0012 2016-12-08_0009Breakfast at Tiffany’s! We have our own versions. haha 
2016-12-08_0005 2016-12-08_00182016-12-08_0017All the fall colors!
2016-12-08_0016 2016-12-08_0003 2016-12-08_0020 copy2016-12-08_0024 2016-12-08_0013 2016-12-08_0014 2016-12-08_0015Soho is seriously so gorgeous.
2016-12-08_0029 2016-12-08_0028 2016-12-08_0030 2016-12-08_0002 2016-12-08_0019Andy was the most patient husband during our trip. He led us everywhere I wanted to go. I would never have been able to find my way around New York if it weren’t for him. 2016-12-08_00062016-12-08_0008 2016-12-08_0007