Northern Ireland is such a beautiful country and makes for the perfect location for a bridal shoot. The shoot took place in July due to better weather conditions. Thankfully we had the most perfect weather that day. I wanted to go for a very simple and natural look for this bridal session. Brides spend so much time and preparation making sure they look perfect on their wedding day. I wanted this shoot to be a stripped down version of her most special day. I chose not to include a bouquet, shoes or jewelry for this shoot. I wanted the focus to be the amazing scenery and the bride. I do love all the amazing accessories for brides, trust me, that’s usually my favorite part, but I knew this shoot only needed  simplicity for what I wanted to achieve. As we made our way along White Rocks Beach, we found the most enchanting valley in between the cliffs. Wild rhubarb was sprinkled all along the way and it made the most beautiful location for bridal photos. Though this little valley could have easily been the only place to photograph this beautiful bride, I knew we had to take advantage of the cliffs with the sea in the background. I couldn’t be any more thrilled to share this photoshoot and I hope it is an inspiration to future brides.

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