These high school sweethearts couldn’t be any more perfect for one another. Though they had both attended different high schools, they met through mutual friends one night at a restaurant. The night started with Lauren and Steven sitting across the table from one another but midway through the night when Lauren returned from the ladies room, Steven had moved to be seated right next to her. They went on their first date 3 nights later and and have been together ever since. One day over the summer, Steven and Lauren headed to a speaking engagement in Savannah and met up with some friends to go have lunch. As they were walking in Forsyth Park,  their friends stood back as Steven dropped to one knee in front of a beautiful fountain and asked Lauren to spend the rest of her life with him. Some of their friends popped out of the bushes and they all celebrated over lunch followed by a surprise engagement dinner later that night back in Jacksonville. This January on their 6th anniversary of being together, they will celebrate their marriage to one another and I am so excited they chose me to capture such a special day. Here are just a few of my favorites from their beautiful engagement session!

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