A few weeks ago while we were visiting family in Northern Ireland, we took a little trip to Venice, Italy! You always hear people say it’s the most romantic city in the world and it really is. Every alley way was so unique and beautiful. As you can imagine, for a photographer it was overwhelmingly breathtaking. I finally had to just tell myself there is too much beauty to capture and to just take it all in. Like most of our trips, we are constantly on the go and even though in Venice you walk everywhere, there is such a relaxing and go with the flow vibe. We had a few early morning wake up calls which caused tired eyes in most of these photos but I’m so glad we documented our time there. Here are a few photos from my digital, film and yes….even iphone camera!  We woke up at 4:30am to catch our flight to Venice so coffee was our first pit stop. Still can’t get over how good the coffee is there!  This was the window to our hotel room. So naturally, I made Andy pop his head out for a photo! haha Honestly, pushing open those shutters in the morning was so much fun!  Thankful for the nice Polish couple that took this photo for us!  We didn’t eat a single vegetable on this trip. Our days started with a croissant & coffee..then some more coffee lol, pizza, pasta, wine and gelato! I actually couldn’t wait to eat something healthy by the end of day three. Needless to say, our diet started immediately when we returned to the states! We decided since this year will be our 5 year wedding anniversary, why not have professional photos taken in Venice! We woke up at 6am and met up with the very talented Milton Photography. The streets were practically empty. We may have tired eyes but I can’t wait to see how the images turned out. These are just a few we snapped ourselves with my camera before we changed and headed back out.
Squealing in between clicks because I was certain a bird was going to poop on my head! haha
We asked the Gondolier for a photo and he literally made smooch sounds and motioned for us to kiss in a photo! Haha My favorite part about walking the streets was seeing all of the laundry hanging from the drying lines. It just reminded me of an old time movie.  I would go to snap a photo and Andy would say, “wait, theres laundry hanging!” And I would say, “I know, I love it!”We rented a car and drove 3 hours to Lake Garda!  Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. It was freezing, incredibly windy and dreary. But still so beautiful! We only stayed two hours because we, (ahem) I, was not dressed for such cold temperatures.   Hello beautiful Soave Castle! This photo on the right was the last photo I took before we had to catch our taxi to the airport. I shot it with film and I will definitely be printing this one!

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