On our most recent trip to Ireland, we made sure to pack in lots of site seeing as well as visiting some castles that I had never been to. As many of you already know, I met my husband in Ireland, but we both live in Florida where I am from.  I know what you are thinking, aww it’s like P.S. I Love You, but I would like to think our version is less depressing. haha As much as I love it over there, we decided that Florida would be where we call home. Now we get to spend fun vacations in Ireland when we go visit our family there. Each time we go, my husband knows the drill, lots and lots of picture taking! When you grow up in Florida, where it is nothing but lots of flat land, you go a little crazy with wanting to capture every rolling hill and mountain. So here are some fun pictures from our trip! 2016-08-19_0043Before I shot an engagement shoot, Andy and I arrived earlier to scope out this beautiful location. 2016-08-19_0042He’s such a good husband standing there letting me test the light.2016-08-19_0045 2016-08-19_00462016-08-19_0049As I was getting ideas for the sand dune portion of the photoshoot, the sweetest old man came up and asked  if we would like him to take our picture. I couldn’t pass the opportunity to get a photo together, plus I figured there’s no way he could run that fast it he was just wanting a fancy camera. haha I was shocked that with one click he got a perfectly focused picture! 2016-08-19_0001We spent a lovely few day in Malahide at the Grand Hotel. The Sea view from the room was so beautiful!
2016-08-19_0002 2016-08-19_00042016-08-19_0011Malahide Castle was so beautiful! I could have stayed here all day. 2016-08-19_0006 2016-08-19_0009 2016-08-19_0010 2016-08-19_0007On our way back from Malahide, we stopped at Ardgillan Castle. They have a little cafe in the castle that overlooks the gardens where we had lunch. It was like a scene out of Pride and Prejudice. 2016-08-19_00172016-08-19_0012 2016-08-19_0014 2016-08-19_0015 2016-08-19_0016My brother and sister in law are so much fun and so cute! Two weeks a year is just not long enough.
2016-08-19_00192016-08-19_0021As I was walking around with my camera I saw my mother and father in law sitting on this little bench. They are so sweet! 2016-08-19_0020

White Rocks Beach in Port Rush was one of my favorite locations this trip!  I had the opportunity to do a beautiful bridal shoot at this location which you can view here.2016-08-19_00242016-08-19_0025
2016-08-19_0023It was quite a warm day for Ireland, so everyone takes advanced of the good weather by heading to the beach. 2016-08-19_0047I always wonder where these people shop who live all the way out in the country like this. haha2016-08-19_0031 I didn’t take too many pictures of sheep this trip. Apparently it was the season for marking your sheep with bright colored paint. 2016-08-19_0032 2016-08-19_0033I shared this story a few weeks ago on social media, but last year when we were in Ireland, I saw this beautiful white horse in a field far away. We had no idea how to get to it but I was determined and happened to find this long pathway that led me to this magical horse. Ok it wasn’t magical, but I definitely felt like i was in a scene from a fairytale! We went back again this year and that same horse was still in the field! 2016-08-19_0038Thankfully, Andy was able to get a quick photo of me with the horse before the cows started to run us out. 2016-08-19_0048 2016-08-19_0034I love this sweet photo of my mother in law.
2016-08-19_0036And this was right before the cows got jealous and literally sent us running out the gate. We laugh now, but it was a bit scary when they started to stomp their feet. 2016-08-19_00372016-08-19_0040 2016-08-19_0041 2016-08-19_0039